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Estonia in Ninth Place on Press Freedom Index


Estonia is in a tie with Ireland in places 9-10 in the Press Freedom Index 2010 published by the Paris-based organisation Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontieres – RSF) on Wednesday and ranking 178 countries.

Last year, Estonia was in sixth place in the RSF scoreboard of nations with 0.5 points. This year the country was given two points. The bigger the number of points, the lower the country is ranked. Several countries share first place in the index again. This year it is Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. They have all previously held the first place since the index was created in 2002. Austria follows in seventh place with 0.5 points and New Zealand in eighth place with 1.5 points, ahead of Estonia and Ireland that both got two points.

Places 11 to 13 went to Denmark, Japan and Lithuania, which received 2.5 points each. Belgium, Luxembourg and Malta were tied in places 14 to 16 with four points, Germany was 17th with 4.25 points, Australia 18th with 5.38 points, Britain 19th with six points, and the United States 20th with 6.75 points. Latvia is in a tie with Trinidad and Tobago in places 30-31, and 8.5 points, while Russia was given 49.9 points and 140th place in the table. At the bottom of the list was Eritrea with 105 points.

In recent years, RSF has drawn particular attention to the three countries that always occupied the last three positions – Eritrea, North Korea and Turkmenistan. This year, a bigger group of ten countries – marked by persecution of the media and a complete lack of news and information – are clumped together at the bottom. The press freedom situation keeps on deteriorating in these countries and it is getting harder to say which is worse than the other. RSF said it was worth noting that, for the first time since the start of the index in 2002, Cuba was not one of the 10 last countries this time.


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